Beauty Buzz: Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Tips, Prettify Your Post-Gym Routine, More

Rachel Adler
Kim Kardashian Selfie

Image via Instagram

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1. We all want to add more gym days into our routine, but we also want to be able to get pretty (quickly) again after. Learn how in just minutes. []

2. Ever wonder how to get that sleek top knot that’s a bit “big and fluffy” at the top? Us, too. Learn how! [You Beauty]

3. Try glitter on your eyelids this summer for a “cool girl” factor – but take this advice first to make it stay. [Allure]

4. Are you going to be a beach bride but aren’t sure how to do your hair? Get inspired by this real bride makeover. [Daily Makeover]

5. Kim Kardashian spilled selfie advice while she was in Cannes – find out how the Instagram pro gets hers just right. [Glamour]

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