Ke$ha’s New Tik Tok Designs

Kesha_watches_baby_g.jpg (400x600)

Photo: © Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Kesha is designing her own watch collection.

The ‘”Tik Tok” hit-maker is joining forces with Baby-G by Casio to create the signature range of two timepieces, with one featuring an American flag design and the second wrist piece adorned with a leopard-print pattern.

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“Even though it’s a tiny surface area, I think I’ve done a good job packing in tons of signature K Monay swagger,” she says.

Speaking about the two designs she added, “I chose the flag theme because for me, the flag represents freedom of speech, a right I exercise every day.”

“Leopard-print is a theme I have in my look often,” Ke$ha says. “It reminds me we are all animals inside, and I wanted this watch to do the same. I love them both. It’s like picking your favorite child–I can’t pick just one!”

The 24-year-old singer–who has created her own clothes since childhood– explained the watch collection is just the beginning of her design career as she plans to launch an “organic jewelry” line in the future.

“I’m definitely plotting my next design moves,” Ke$ha says. “Stay tuned! Look for animal-friendly organic jewelry and fake fur.”

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