KeSARI Creative Director Talks Traditions, Tips & Expansion

Rachel Adler

Natural beauty products have become quite popular over the last few years, as people have started to grow more concerned about what they are putting in (and on) their bodies. With this stress for natural products, many brands have launched out of old traditions as well — KeSARI being one of them. KeSARI is rooted in ancient Indian traditions, inspired by India’s natural healing ingredients and ancient traditions.

Richa Purohit, Creative Director and Spokesperson for KeSARI, talks with us about the line below.

KeSARI uses many special ingredients, such as saffron, peptides and triphala. What are the benefits of these ingredients?

  • Saffron has been used in Indian beauty rituals for centuries to firm and smooth dry skin.
  • Triphala enhances skin clarity and helps bring dull, tired skin to life.
  • The Peptide complex is great for improving skin’s firmness and texture.

How has your background in the beauty industry had an influence on KeSARI?
I was born and raised in India’s largest Ayurveda family, have been in the beauty industry for last 28 years, and I’m married to one of the top 5 chemists in the beauty industry. I also have an aesthetician degree and MBA in marketing. It’s a combination of all of my resources, experiences and interests that have led me to create KeSARI. It’s been a dream come true to launch my own Indian inspired beauty line and take the best of the ancient Indian traditions that I was taught and marry them with the new technology of today to create KeSARI.

Do you look at beauty trends or prefer to stick to more traditional beauty products and looks?
Both- I’m inspired by tradition as well as new trends. KeSARI’s premise is all about blending the ancient traditions I’ve grown up with and the new trends and technology of today.

Do you have any beauty tips that you rely on that you can share?
Drinking plenty of water and making sure you get enough rest is crucial. It’s important to take care of your skin. I also follow a disciplined daily beauty regimen using KeSARI’s products, which mimic Indian beauty rituals.

What is the strangest use that you have found for a KeSARI product?
I’ve used KeSARI’s Indian Hair Oil Serum as a skin moisturizer, and the Dark Circle Brightening Eye Cream is great for moisturizing feet and cracked heels.

Are you planning on expanding the product line?
Yes! We’re always doing research and development and have several products we’re working on right now that will expand the line in exciting ways. Stay tuned!

Tune in to HSN tomorrow, August 19th at 2:00 AM & 11:00 PM as Richa will be discussing the KeSARI product line on-air!

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