Kendall Jenner Just Cut Her Hair Into a ’90s Lob

Kendall Jenner Just Cut Her Hair Into a ’90s Lob
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Kendall Jenner needs to chill, or she’s going to rival Lucy Hale for the most hair changes in a single week (we think Hale’s record is, like, three). Because even though Jenner showed off a new cropped cut just last week, when she closed the La Perla show at New York Fashion Week, she took to social media last night to show her even-shorter hairstyle, which is pretty much the same cut your mom had in the ‘90s.

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And hey, we don’t mean that in a bad way—your mom was *very* cool. But the hairstyle she debuted was a short, blunt lob (middle-parted, of course) with curled-under ends, which was every mom’s haircut a decade ago. The cut was compliments of hairstylist Jen Atkin, whose client roster is more-star riddled than Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Atkin debuted the new cut in an Instagram video of Jenner, who was wearing a white tank top and a billion gold chains and necklaces while she swished her new haircut to and fro for the camera. The caption on the photo: “I bring the [scissors]…she brings the VIBES,” along with the hashtags “#newcutwhodis” and “#90sLob.” So we’re not the only ones who think Jenner’s hair is a blatant #tbt to the ‘90s. You know, when Jenner was, like, four years old.

I bring the 🖐🏼/✂️'s...she brings the VIBES. ✨👸🏻✨ @kendalljenner #newcutwhodis #90sLob 💽 #kendalljenner

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And based on the fact that literally every single celebrity is chopping off their hair this month, we’re going to go ahead and call the lob-ish bob the new, trending haircut of 2017. BRB while we go make a hair appointment.

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