Kelly Rowland’s Contoured Beauty

Kelly_Rowland_contour.jpg (400x600)

Photo: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Kelly Rowland‘s best beauty tip is to use powder to create contours on your face. The singer admits a few careful brushstrokes with an illuminating powder can make a huge difference to your face shape–and can leave you looking as though you have higher cheekbones and a narrower nose.

She said: “My beauty tip? Contouring your nose and cheekbones with powder can work wonders.”

Despite her years spent with girl band Destiny’s Child, the 29-year-old beauty still likes to shop on the high street if an item suits her. She said: “There’s no need to spend huge sums of money. When you find something that fits your body–stick with it!”

Kelly also reveals her glossy, shiny hair is down to regular applications of Moroccanoil. She added: “I use Moroccanoil on my hair – it’s great. I add it to the tips of my air to condition and then over my shoulders for shine. It smells amazing.”

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