Kelly Osbourne’s Clothing Line

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Photo: © Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne is launching her own clothing line. The TV star has a meeting about the fashion project next on October 27–her 26th birthday–but says she plans to work for a label to gain experience instead of immediately producing her own garments.

She told, “I have a meeting about the clothing line on my birthday, which is very exciting. I’m going to design for an already made line and then once I get enough experience and know what I’m doing, I’ll do an independent one.”

Kelly–daughter of rock legend Ozzy–also added she’s determined to make her fashion line a success by taking her time and learning how to produce the clothes properly.
Speaking at the Interior Designer of the Year Awards show at the Pacific Design Centre in Los Angeles, Kelly added, “It really is a long process and I want to do it the right way. It’s not something I’m running into. I don’t want to jump into something and not be able to swim.”
Although she won’t reveal who she is collaborating with, Kelly’s clothes will be available “in the next year.”

Kelly also stars alongside Joan Rivers on E!’s Fashion Police, critiquing celebrity outfits.


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