Katy Perry’s Nails are More Over the Top than Her Outfits

Amanda Elser
Katy Perry’s Nails are More Over the Top than Her Outfits
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We love Katy Perry, we really do. We may not always agree with her choice of hair color or her ludicrous ensembles, but when it comes down to it we have a soft spot for the former-Christian rocker-turned-center-stage starlet.

But more so than her catching song lyrics and overall bubbly personality, what really clinches the deal for us is that we share a mutual love for one thing (no, not cats) – nail art.

She has been adorning her tips with detailed decorations since way before it became the trend we are obsessed with today.

Check out our roundup of Katy Perry’s most glamorous manicures above.

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One word. Neon. No other words are needed to describe why this is our perfect manicure. 

True to Katy Perry fashion, we love this girly pink and polka dot nails. 

Perry with Baby Bieber! And hot purple nails! 

We love Perry's tendency for long, oval tips. We especially like this pink and purple french tip mani. 

Multi-colored marble nails made the look in this Girl Scout getup. 

Metallic/gold nails to match that nice MTV award. 

We think these  Vegas inspired nails would bring us nothing but luck!

As much as we love when Perry goes all out with her nails,  one of our favorite looks will always be her long, oval nails painted nude - chic yet still cutting-edge.

Perry's Smurf nails almost got as much attention as her Smurf outfit at the NYC premiere. 

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