What Do You Think Of Katy Perry’s Short Hair?

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Photo: © ghd

Katy Perry goes short in a new ad campaign and says she would love to try a pixie haircut.

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The 26-year-old beauty sports a short crop in her new campaign for the ghd Scarlet Collection and although Katy loves experimenting with her hair, she admitted the look is slightly too “bold” for her to maintain for very long.

She said, “The Snow White look is very different for me because it is a very short bob, but we were inspired by the Art Deco era–a bit flapper-y, a bit 1940s. I love my nails in it, and my bob that has little curls coming around it. I think it’s a bold look for me, but I’ve actually had a pixie cut before. I used to have a black pixie when I was about 17, so I felt I was reliving that part of my life again. It’s really cute. I’d probably wear this look again, but I wouldn’t do it for long.”

The ghd Scarlet Collection includes limited edition red-plated stylers, along with a heat-resistant, red satin roll bag, two sectioning clips and a protective plate guard.

Katy often experiments with different looks–recently dying her locks pink–but the brunette star misses her natural blonde hair. She said, “I might like trying being a blonde–a long, hippie-esque blonde with black roots. We’ll see.”

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