Katy Perry Wears Her VMA Date On Her Nails

Lauren LeVine
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In her own 21st century love story, Katy Perry met Russell Brand at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2008. Cut to two years later, and Perry, a multiple-VMA nominee with one of the songs of summer, “California Gurls,” and English comedian and actor Brand are now engaged.

The two have already admitted that they influence each other’s fashion sense. Perry, however, has always been a trend-setter on her own. She made waves a few weeks ago when she showed up in Paris on a press tour with rainbow-colored strands in her curly hairstyle. Many people thought the colored streaks were simply extensions, but given that the singer has been sporting them for a few weeks now, they seem to be a permanent part of her fall hairstyle.

At the 2010 VMAs, Perry continued her trend-setting style tour with some new nail art. Apparently, Russell Brand couldn’t attend the event due to work obligations, but the future Ms. Brand chose to bring him anyway. Specifically, on her nails. Celebs have definitely been into nail art as of late (remember Lindsay Lohan’s, um, message at her trial?), but this is the most innovative we’ve seen yet. Katy Perry wore a different picture of Russell Brand’s face on every nail.

What do you think of Perry’s nail art? Would you sport this look?


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