Katharine McPhee’s Go-To Diet Trick

Megan Segura

"Feel The Taste" Celebrating The Summer Solstice

Katharine McPhee kicked off Lipton Iced Tea’s Summer Solstice party by donning stick straight hair, courtesy of Ted Gibson (you know, the stylist who now charges $1,200 for a haircut). The sleek look is a far cry from her usual wavy hairstyle, and I was anxious to learn about her other grooming habits.

The actress and singer admitted that although she regularly gets facials, she’s obsessed with her Clarisonic and is a bit of a product junkie. “I indulge myself in all sorts of different products. I get obsessed with certain things at certain moments.” I asked if she’s tried any of the weirder beauty treatments out there, and she answered, “Not yet. I don’t think I’m there yet.”

As for fitness, Katharine is all about the harder workouts. “I love Soul Cycle. I wasn’t an exercise person earlier in my life, but I love exercise. I love Barry’s Bootcamp. It’s so hardcore. I love it. I love getting into that kind of stuff that’s really challenging.” And when she needs to trim down for a role, Katharine says, “If I really need to get serious and slim down, I won’t eat bread. That’s it. I’m not really a dieter.”

While we’ve become accustomed to seeing Katharine on the small screen in Smash, we’ll once again get to hear the American Idol alum’s vocal talents. “I’m working on a record,” she said. “I’m getting close to at least getting a single out sometime soon. I don’t know about the actual record.”

As for female artists she admires, Katharine says, “I love Katy Perry. She’ll go and wear something so crazy and edgy and out there, and then she’ll come out in this sweet little tea dress.”

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