Kate Moss’ Perfume Obsession

Megan McIntyre
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Photo: © Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Kate Moss can’t go out without wearing perfume. The British model–who has released a number of fragrances with Coty–believes it is important to always smell good when she leaves the house. She said, “I would not leave the house without having fragrance on, for sure.” Discussing her new perfume Vintage Muse, Kate claims it is for “strong” women who enjoy nights out.

She said, “It’s for strong, confident women. I’m in love with it, it’s beautiful! I’ve always loved musk. I’ve always loved that kind of sexy, night time kind of feeling. And it’s such a beautiful bottle and so lovely to hold.”

As well as her own perfumes, the supermodel is also the face of a number of high-end brands, and even collaborated on a range of bags with Longchamp.

Creative director of the brand Sophie de la Fontaine said, “Kate has treated the third collection as her baby. She is a woman and wants women to enjoy the bags as she would. I don’t think people imagine how involved Kate is or how much thought she gives the details. She’s involved in every decision.”


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