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Can’t get enough of the upcoming royal wedding? Neither can our friends over at Lock & Mane. The hair-obsessed bloggers went to the hairstyle expert himself, Oscar Blandi, for advice on how the divine Kate Middleton should wear her hair on her wedding day when she marries Prince William.

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We will be the first to admit it. We are just as obsessed as the next person with the royal nups between Kate Middleton and Prince William. We just love her and her long and luxurious locks (and you know we don’t always agree on long hair). So ever since we woke up to the news of their engagement we have been salivating over what possible hairstyles Kate could don when she walks down the aisle!

Our first question was obviously to hair god Oscar Blandi who completely commiserated with our obsession.

“This is a royal wedding so the proper hairstyle to complement the dress is very important. I think Kate should keep her look classy and elegant but she should make a strong statement,” Oscar told us. “I envision Kate with something side swept and down. It releases some of the hair away from the neckline and away from the face but not too contrived so it still looks young and modern.” This hairstyle that Penelope Cruz wore to a recent awards show is similar to what Blandi has in mind.

“The soft full waves keep the look glamorous. Use large hot rollers to achieve the soft wave. Volumizing spray on damp hair is essential to create fullness, glossing cream to polish ands and keep hair sleek. Always finish with Lacca hairspray for a flexible hold.”

But if Kate were to wear a dress with different neckline all bets are obviously off for the long and loose look.”If she wears a higher neckline, I suggest all hair off of the shoulders. Make sure to keep some height in the crown and create loose, wavy chignon,” Oscar says.

To get this look, which is similar to the hairstyle Selena Gomez is wearing here, Middleton’s stylist would prep the hair with a volumizing spray, air dry or diffuse and create waves with a larger barrel curling iron. Secure the chignon at the base of the neck. Lightly secure with hairpin and finish with hairspray for a flexible hold.

Next we consulted Pierre Michel Salon celebrity stylist, Gilda Pastena, who also wants to see Kate with a loose and classic ‘do on the big day, similar to this hairstyle of Rose Byrne’s.

“I love this look because it a romantic classic look. Reminds me of the 1940s actress Veronica Lake.The look is timeless and would fit the type of wedding you would assume a princess-to-be such as Kate would be having.”

A teasing brush, volumizing products and a curling iron are essential to recreate this beautiful look. Also check out these sparkly accessories to pin back hair behind the ear.

But what about an updo? Gilda, like Oscar, has another option for Princess Kate, which you can see here modeled by another Kate, Kate Hudson. “This hairstyle would also look beautiful on Kate. It is a is a bit modern yet very sophisticated. This hairstyle would also look very chic with a long cathedral veil!”

Which is your favorite? We love Option 1 (we can’t resist anything inspired by Penelope) and Option 4 for an updo.


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