Best of the Week: Kate Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, More Go for Glowing Skin

Rachel Nussbaum

This week’s best beauty looks were all across the board, although there was an emphasis on easy, flowing locks and nude lips with the occasional red thrown in. We’ve gotta say, we’re fans of the low-maintenance looks. It’s refreshing to see celebs done up in ways we could somehow, just barely, maybe almost replicate.

Glowing skin was another norm, with even notably pale Amanda Seyfried hitting up the bronzer for a sunnier look. We get it. It’s August, and sometimes even the palest among us feel like mixing it up a bit. But on that note, it’s August. Fall (and then winter) is coming, and Meghan Ory has the perfect transitional look down, mixing bright coral lips with glossy waves and flawless ivory skin. Switch out that coral for a burgundy lipstick, and we’re ready for fall (or at least as ready as we’re going to be). At any rate, take a look at our picks for best of the week above and tell us your favorite look in the comments below!

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