Kate Bosworth Brings Back the Side Ponytail

Wendy Rodewald
Kate Bosworth

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Both the side braid and the side bun have made their mark on the red carpet in recent years, but the humble side ponytail has been conspicuously absent. And if you’ve attempted a side ponytail at any point since the early 1990s, you know why: the look is a wee bit hard to pull off without looking like a Saved by the Bell extra.

Side ponytail fail

Side ponytail fail.

Until now, that is. Last night, Kate Bosworth did what Kate Bosworth does best — showed up to a red carpet looking effortlessly gorgeous. And she did it wearing, yes, a side ponytail.

Kate Bosworth's side ponytail

Kate Bosworth’s side ponytail looks good from every angle.
Photos: Pacific Coast News

Let’s take a closer look at what worked here. For one, Kate’s ponytail isn’t placed directly on the side of her head, but rather secured low behind her ear and draped over her shoulder, which gives it a more relaxed, less “hi! I’m wearing a side ponytail!” vibe. The texture is roughed up and voluminous, but not pageant wavy (barrel curls in a side ponytail can look real Miss America, real quick). And her classic ruby lip adds sophistication to the overall look. Imagine her side ponytail paired with a hot pink mouth — doesn’t feel as grown up, does it?

So, side ponytail. Think you’ll add it to your holiday party rotation this season?

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