The Bieber Overtakes The Rachel

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The obsession over Justin Bieber’s haircut in all its swishy gloriness is relentless. From show-stopping hair flips at the 2011 Grammy Awards and last night’s episode on Glee, in which Chord Overstreet gets a girl-magnet Bieberlicious makeover, to the hilarious Saturday Night Live skit featuring the original Bieber poking fun at the world’s obsession over his bowl, we can’t get enough of this flirty haircut that, as Tina Fey said, “really knows where it wants to go.”

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Not since Jennifer Aniston’s iconic “The Rachel” layered haircut from her Friends days back in the early 1990’s has one distinct hairstyle become such a sign of the times.The Bieber is even approved by one of Hollywood’s most discerning hairstylists, Oribe, who’s famous for creating way more sophisticated looks on the likes of Scarlett Johannson and Penelope Cruz.

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“I love Justin Bieber’s haircut. It’s got great shape, great movement. In fact, I wish more women would actually wear it,” Oribe says.

Well, say no more. Being that Jennifer Aniston shockingly admitted that she actually hates The Rachel and that “she’s sorry she’s responsible for the ugliest haircut ever,” we thought–who better to put the Bieber on than her? Hey, we’re Beliebers that you shouldn’t bite the haircut that feeds you!

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And of course, we’d be remiss not to give Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend, Selena Gomez, a Bieberlicious style too. Now that’s some lock love! We think it’s no coincidence that these two songbirds are smitten with each other being that Selena Gomez is a hairstyle diva herself, consistently making it into the Top 10 Most Popular Hairstyles in the Makeover Studio.

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Already got The Bieber and envy the texture of his windswept bowl haircut? His secret styling weapon: Oribe Rough Luxury Molding Wax. “It delivers the perfect amount of separation when we are going for a messy look,” says Justin Bieber’s hairstylist, Vanessa Rose Price.

So, tell us–do you heart The Bieber too or have you had enough of it already?

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