Julie’s Rocker Chic Fall Makeover

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Julie Before and After

Not every makeover has to incorporate a huge change — sometimes little tweaks to your current look can result in a reenergized style. Music publicist Julie had recently cut her hair and was happy with it, but was less than impressed with her makeup routine, or lack thereof. “I would love to be able to learn how to choose colors that suit my skin tone best,” she says.

Well Red

Julie color

Julie may have loved her recent cut, but she was bored to tears with her bland brown hair color. Bumble and bumble colorist Mercedez Mueller wanted to take Julie darker and enhance her natural warm tones. “I gave her a rich, warm auburn color all over with a few blonder pieces mixed in,” says Mercedez. “The blonde adds some dimension to the auburn shade. If you do all one color it can look kind of flat and thin.”

Messing It Up

Julie hairstyle

Since Julie had recently had her hair cut, Bumble and bumble stylist Teddi Cranford didn’t want to change the shape too much. To make Julie’s hair look thicker, Teddi cut several inches off the ends, then shaped her bangs. To style, Teddi sprayed wet hair with Surf Spray to give create a gritty, dry texture and to make Julie’s hair look fuller. She let Julie’s bangs air dry, then styled the rest of her hair straight using a blow dryer. A curling iron was used all over, wrapping sections in in different directions, but leaving the ends out, to add more texture and enhance the messy feel. “I wanted it to look natural and like she didn’t really do anything to her hair,” says Teddi.

Natural Beauty

Julie Eye Makeup

Julie’s vibe is very natural, so MAC Senior Makeup Artist Luc Bouchard wanted to keep her makeup simple. He used the light gold Photo Realism shade from the Photo Realism Eye Shadow X4 palette to lighten her lids. Since Julie’s bang was so heavy around her eyebrow, he defined her lower lashlines with Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Prussian. He applied Eye Kohl in Powersurge to the inner rims and the inside corners of the eyes. The golden-olive shade reflects light so it actually helps open up the eye. He added a ton of mascara to her top and bottom lashes, then used a pinky-brown blush on her cheeks to make her cheekbones pop. To finish, he layered a pinky-brown lipstick and a shimmery muted pink gloss on her lips.

Julie makeup

Try on Julie’s new look in the Makeover Studio now!

Julie After

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