Join The #MakeoverMonday Challenge!

Wendy Rodewald


Not to brag, but our Try On! virtual makeover tool is pretty awesome. Not only can you turn yourself into a Jessica Alba clone with one click, you can customize tons of different hairstyles and makeup looks to see what you’d look like with, say, bangs or ombré highlights before you take the plunge in real life. Plus, trying on hairstyles is just fun (and hey, bonus points if you share your virtual makeover to freak out a friend).

Today we’re kicking off our new #MakeoverMonday challenge to bring the best of the best virtual beauty refreshes to Daily Makeover. Are you game? Here’s how to get in on the action:

1. Give yourself a makeover here.

2. Share your makeover with @DailyMakeover via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MakeoverMonday.

3. Our editors will go through ALL of the submissions and our favorites will be featured on Daily Makeover the following Monday!

Let’s get this makeover started!

Start your virtual makeover in the Try On! tool now

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