Game Changer: This Tool Gives You Perfect Hair

Megan Segura

Game-Changer_John-Frieda (1)

In our series, Game Changer, we’re highlighting products that are so good, they are having a significant effect on our beauty routines. 

For me, if it’s not a good hair day, it’s not a good day—period. My naturally wavy hair is less Gisele Bündchen and more Monica from “Friends” (remember the Barbados episode?). To keep things under control, I need an arsenal of heat styling tools. My latest, the John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ($39.99,, is putting the rest to shame.

While I’ve tried my share of heated brushes, like The Perfecter ($99,, the Salon Shape Hot Air Brush is actually a hair dryer and brush in one. The tool let’s you curl hair around the brush’s bristles while it simultaneously dries your hair.

I found it works best on damp hair, so I wait until my hair is 90 percent air dried, then I turn the brush on high and twirl it through my hair to create soft waves. There’s also a cool air setting, so you can give your hair a shot of cold hair to help hold the style in place. If you’re one of those people who always wishes you could give yourself Dry Bar-worthy blowouts at home, this tool is for you.

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