Jessie Ware on Lorde’s Lipstick, Embracing Bushy Brows, and More

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If you’re not already familiar with British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware, you will be soon. The 29-year-old is making waves in the music world for her hit song “Wildest Moments,” and with her bold hair and makeup looks, she’s making a name for herself in the beauty world, too. Whether she’s sporting her signature bold brows, a cat eye, or a nude lip, it’s just about impossible to see Jessie not sporting a look we want to steal.

We needed to know more from the Brit, who’s also a ck One Color Insider, so we caught up with her to chat inspirations, Friday night playlists and, of course, what she wants to steal from Lorde. Read on below!

Beauty High: You’re known for really taking risks with your makeup. What’s one look you’re dying to try but haven’t yet? 

Jessie Ware: I haven’t tried this whole purple lipstick thing yet. You know how Lorde is rocking that dark lipstick? I’ve never tried it and I think it would look amazing. I’ve worn that dark on a photo shoot and you feel very vampy. My boyfriend hates me wearing bright lipsticks or glosses. No guy wants to kiss that, you know? You want to feel fabulous and couture and Vogue, but your boyfriend denies you that sometimes. You need to wear the lipstick when you’re out with the girls.

When you do go out with the girls, what’s your typical “Getting Ready” playlist sound like? 

Lots of ’90s R&B. J. Lo’s “On the 6” is the ‘Girls Going Out’ album. Also, Janet Jackson. Anything that’s going to make me feel like I’m going to go out and feel gorgeous.

Where do you go for your hair and makeup inspiration? Are you more of a magazine girl or a Pinterest girl? 

I’ve learned that people liked my eyebrows, from being on photo shoots. You’re in hair and makeup, and everyone is really nice about my bushy eyebrows and I’m like, ‘Really?’ It’s the help of makeup artists on shoots telling me my eyebrows are great the way they are: Bushy. When it comes to my style, it’s a bit of a chic kind of classic thing, and I wanted to be quite feminine like Elizabeth Taylor. Or, I want to go more androgynous, like Annie Lenox when she was wearing really amazing suits. I feel amazing in a shoulder pad. I love those either very, very feminine icons or the androgynous ones. A lot of the time I feel the best in a good tailored jacket and shirt, that’s my sweet spot. I wear a lot of black jeans and blazers quite a lot of the time just day-to-day. But sometimes you just want to wear a dress. I’m greedy, and I do both.

What’s up next for you in terms of your music? 

I’ve been writing my new album, and hoping that’ll be out this year. I’m in the studio working on the album, dividing my time between America and England and that’s what’s been going on. I moved into a flat with my fiancée, so making it a home is hard when you’re going off somewhere else, but it’s also really fun.

How do you keep your skin in check while you’re traveling so much? Do you have any products you absolutely swear by? 

Some products I can’t live without: Sisley Flower Express Gel, while I’m flying. It’s like a gel mask. I put it on at the beginning of the flight, generously put on, and then it kind of absorbs into the skin. I like doing a face mask like when I get to wherever I’m going. Once you’ve been on the tour bus for a few weeks, you need something. The makeup artist and I did proper pampering sessions in the tour bus, which was great. I really love the Darphin Oils. Their oils are amazing, so I put that on after I cleanse and moisturizer and toner. Also, anything SK-II for skin care products I love.

When you’re wearing a nude lip, what’s your favorite way to finish up your makeup look? 

When I wear a nude lip like ck One Pure Color Lipstick in Devotion, usually, I’m always very aware that you need to highlight quite a lot to look dewy, and I think about filling my eyebrows in. Then I make sure that I’ve got a good color on my cheek. CK does this duo one which is great because they do a powder finish and they seal over it. But more of a flushed cheek look, especially in the day. I won’t go as crazy with my cat eye. Right now I’m into the fresh face look. Filling in my eyebrows and highlighting. And of course mascara. I love the ck One Color Mascara, because you twist the wand at the top and make it into two different brushes, so it’s great. I’m all about bringing out  the natural look. I’ve learned that less can be more, and actually I think I feel more like myself. I love wearing makeup, I’m obsessed about it. But it took me a while to learn that maybe I don’t need as much. So I’ve been trying to play with more of a fresh faced look right now.

If you had to choose: would you rather never be able to do your hair or your makeup for the rest of your life? 

I’d go without hair, because I’m crap at it anyway. Makeup is so much more fun. I can’t do anything with my hair. I literally just put it in a top knot. If my hair goes into a top knot for the rest of my life, I’m okay with that.

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