Jessica Simpson’s BeautyMint to Launch With Eight Products

Amanda Elser

We reported early this month that the e-commerce site, BeachMint (the force behind the Olsens’ StyleMint and Kate Bosworth’s JewelMint) have partnered up with Jessica Simpson for the launch of a beauty site appropriately called BeautyMint.

Simpson worked in conjunction withcelebrity aesthetician, Nerida Joy to create the eight-piece product set for an end of October launch.

Yet with “personalization at the brand’s core” we are a little skeptical as to how eight products can be a combined into a customized skincare regiment based off of a simple 17-question survey.

Vice President of Marketing Johnny Forman said they are launching slowly and are hoping to get feedback from customers. The site is also offering a money back guarantee,”which is something you don’t get in retail,” he notes.

And while we are hesitant to believe that eight products can be packaged monthly into OUR perfect skincare system (for $39.99), we do have to say that the quality of products is high if you are looking for anti-aging products. The Ultra Replenishing Serum alone is made up of 50 percent marine collagen, which helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and helps lock in hydration.

Joy says she is in the process of developing another eight products for the BeautyMint line, so we’re hopeful that the 16 products will result in a better customization process. For now we’re eager to see how the skincare line plays out with Simpson taking the lead. A woman better known for her highly-popular mainstream fashion and accessory line (not to mention a former stint as a Proactiv celebrity spokesperson), we’ve never really associated her as a beauty expert, so forgive us as if remain on the fence until we’ve had a chance to see her in action.

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