News: Jessica Chastain’s New Cut; The Evolution of Eyebrows

Leah Faye Cooper
Jessica Chastain news

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer / Wire Image

Disproving the widely-held notion that her hair couldn’t get any better, Jessica Chastain just debuted a stunning bob. Like all of her cuts, it’s a must see. [Lipstick]

From pencil-thin to ultra-arched, eyebrow trends have evolved immensely over the years. See the most popular shapes from the 1920s to today. [Byrdie]

Your frizz doesn’t stand a chance against these 10 hair oils. Check them out. [Marie Claire]

Consider yourself a bit lazy when it comes to makeup removal? Micellar water wipes are about to be your new best freind. [STYLECASTER]

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