You Need to See Jessica Biel’s Golden Globes Hair From the Back

You Need to See Jessica Biel’s Golden Globes Hair From the Back
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Usually, hair accessories are reserved for playground schoolgirls and 90 percent of Claire’s store inventory, but on the red carpet last night, hair bling was anything but childish. Sienna Miller topped her high ponytail with a matte black ribbon, Maisie Williams snapped a metallic barrette into her messy bun, and Jessica Biel achieved new levels of flawlessness with an intricately threaded chain comb in her slicked-back updo, which only got more stunning when she turned around.

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The twisty, twirly style, which was devised by hairstylist and all-around wizard Adir Abergel (who also created Reese Witherspoon’s sweeping bangs updo last night), featured a golden-bronze chain comb that Abergel wrapped around each layer of Biel’s braid before pinning it up the center of her head. “The liquid chain is actually one of my own accessories from my new collection, Adir x Lelet NY, which launches next month,” says Abergel. “A lot of the time, it can be hard to make accessories look age-appropriate, but because Jessica had such a classic dress and a simple, smooth updo, I felt that using a gold chain that matched her earrings really elevated the whole look.”

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To recreate the look at home, politely ask Abergel to be your best friend. Or, you know, be Jessica Biel. But if neither of those is in the cards for you, blow your hair smooth with a round brush and a shine-enhancing heat protectant cream (Abergel used Virtue One for All 6-in-1 Styler, though, full disclosure, he was repped by Virtue for the Golden Globes), then create a deep side part and comb your hair into a low ponytail. Braid a gold chain along your hair, secure the ends with a clear elastic, then pull and pin the braid up the center of your head, tucking and pinning the ends underneath the braid to hide them. Finish by misting the updo with a shine-and-hold spray (Abergel used Virtue Finale Shaping Spray), then voila—you’re Justin Timberlake’s wife. Congrats!

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