Jessica Alba’s Summertime Sexy Tips

Megan McIntyre
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We don’t know how Jessica Alba does it–not only does she live in scorching hot Los Angeles, she’s also very pregnant with her second child and she still manages to look cool, calm and chic. What’s her secret? We sat down with the stunning star to get her tips on how to look your best in the steamy summer months.

To keep her complexion looking fresh and dewy (but not greasy!), Jessica says she loves Revlon’s Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator in Pink Light. “I use it on the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, my clavicle and my chin; it gives me a sort of a natural glow.” The Revlon spokeswoman is also a big fan of cream blushes and says she uses them on her cheeks and her eyes to give her a young, healthy glow.

Even someone as gorgeous as Jessica needs a little bit of help when it comes to her complexion, so she never leaves home without her Revlon PhotoReady Concealer. “I like to spot conceal, so instead of doing a full face of concealer, I just put it where I need it and put a tinted moisturizer over it. You just put it where you need it,” she says.

When it comes to her hair, Alba says she has a few sneaky tricks for keeping her mane under control in the humidity. “I don’t rinse my conditioner out completely–it keeps my hair from getting too frizzy. Then I use a little bit of hair oil with a little bit of styling cream and scrunch my with the towel. I have half-wavy hair, so when I scrunch it with the towel, it dries it in with the waves. If you need to you can go in with the iron and bend any bits that are sticking straight out. If all else fails, just pull your hair back in a bun, and then you don’t even have to deal with it.”

And of course, we had to ask her about that gorgeous braided hairstyle she wore to the BAFTA’s earlier this year–not many people could make a headband braid look so effortlessly chic! “I love a braid. I think it’s always nice and elegant and timeless. We have a picture of my mom-in-law in her 20s and she has the same braid in her hair that I still wear. It’s timeless and easy to wear and it keeps your hair from getting damaged. It can be tough to braid your own hair but if you practice then a braid is always nice.”

Try on Jessica Alba’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

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