Jessica Alba Brings Back Bold Ombré Hair

Shannon Farrell

Jessica Alba

We can all admit that ombré isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But in the past few seasons, we’ve seen the two-tone look go from drastic to more subtle with the lighter color naturally blending into the dark. When speaking with Harry JoshJohn Frieda International Creative Consultant and celebrity hair stylist/colorist (he’s worked with Gisele, Gwyneth Paltrow and others) about fall’s hair color trends, he advised readers to make sure it looks natural. “Subtle highlights and lighter ends will always be in style if done right.”

Going against the grain, Jessica Alba showed up at the ALMA Awards with an ombré look that’s more pronounced than we’ve seen in awhile. Always looking flawless, she seriously has some of the best locks in Hollywood, but we’re on the fence about her new color.

What do you think? Is bold ombré out or is Jessica’s look spot on?

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