Jessica Alba Tries To Drop Baby Weight, Before Baby

Ami Dia

Photo: © Jesse Grant/WireImage

Call us crazy, but don’t you try to lose the baby weight AFTER you’ve given birth? Apparently not when you’re Jessica Alba.

The 30-year-old brunette beauty is featured on the cover of Lucky Magazine’s September issue looking slim and fit, but in real life the actress is in her third trimester with her second child. But, even with the help of airbrushing and photoshop we have to admit she looks pretty damn svelte on the cover. Despite the fact that the baby isn’t even born yet, Alba admits she already has plans to get her sexy body back.

“I have a hard time with portion control, so I have 1,200 calorie meals delivered,” she tells Lucky. “But I also work out, so basically I’m starving–it sucks. I drink a lot of water.”

Um, excuse us? Starving yourself is NOT the way to get into shape, no matter how much baby weight you may have put on. In the interview Alba also dishes on her other tips for post-pregnancy care.

“I wear a girdle around my tummy from the moment I give birth until it doesn’t feel loosely goosey anymore–that takes a good two to three months,” she says.

While that one seems more understandable, we still have to wonder whether her comments on how she plans to get her old body back were a bit inappropriate. Especially considering she hasn’t even had the baby yet!

What do you guys think? Was Jessica Alba right to dish on her post-baby “starvation” plans?

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