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Jennifer Aniston Chops Hair, Provides More Hair News

Jennifer Aniston Chops Hair, Provides More Hair News

Jennifer Aniston hasn’t been the focus of this much hair news since the 90s, but girl apparently knows how to keep the talk all about her head. Better than another false pregnancy or engagement rumor!

After dissing the Rachel and shocking the hell out of everyone (like, what, you hated the Rachel, too?), Aniston went and chopped her long layered locks into a lob i.e. long bob and dyed it a lighter shade of blonde.

It actually looks way cute and young and a welcome change from the sandy highlights she’s been rocking for years. A hit movie and new hair? Someone’s having a good day!

Photo: WireImage

  • dsw

    This is the same hairstyle she has had for years-just shorter. She needs a serious makeover.

  • Carol

    About Dam time. She has had the same dull hair do for 10 plus years. And now she wants to be a Country Music singer in a movie, I hear? Another bomb for Jen? I think so!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    Wow! I think she looks younger! I’ve always thought she was rather homely, but she looks very nice in that photo! She looks a bit like Christina Applegate.

  • J

    Did anyone notice the obvious plastic surgery? The hair is different to cover for the obvious eye work. She looks great. More power to her.

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