Jenni Pulos Raps and Raves For Secret Outlast

Rachel Hayes
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It makes total sense that Secret would partner with master multi-tasker Jenni Pulos, star of Bravo’s Flipping Out, to introduce their new Outlast Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Collection. For one, Pulos is a real-life Energizer bunny. After spending a fun 30 minutes with her to get a sneak peak of the new 48-hour protection deodorant, I could tell, this chick knows how to plow through a busy. Her words of wisdom on how not sweat the most stressful moments of a hectic day: “If it’s work related, don’t take it personal. I have a VERY demanding boss, and I’ve learned to just roll with it when he’s being difficult,” she says. “And my mantra is, No Is Not An Option!”

But even if you have the energy to keep your cool on a crazy day, sweat happens. To the rescue: this new deo has a patented Dual Action Odor Technology that starts working before your body even starts to create odor-causing bacteria. And when you do start to break a sweat, the technology traps odor and releases a fresh scent. (You can always rely on Secret deos to smell fab, right?) Another formula improvement: It adheres to your skin to resist rubbing off onto clothing, which is a must for anyone like me who wears black pretty much every day.

Of course I couldn’t wait to put Secret Outlast to the test, being that I have my own daily working mom marathon to race: kids up at 6:30, get them off to school, sneak in a quick workout, race to the office, zip through a dozen meetings, drop by an industry cocktail event, run home to put kids to bed, then finally pour myself a glass of wine and plop down…and I noticed that as I was comatose on the couch, I actually still smelled really good.

Do you have a similarly endless day? Listen up: Secret Outlast and Jenni Pulos will be looking for the busiest women to tell their outlast stories for a chance to be featured in Secret’s next ad campaign. For more information on “Secret Outlast’s Search for the Busiest Women” or to enter, visit

I’ll sign off with this fun video of Jenni Pulos behind the scenes of the making of the new Secret Outlast commercial where she has to climb a mountain of tasks. It’s hilarious!

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