“I Could Never be a Blonde…”


I hear it all the time: “Oh, I could never be a blonde.” Ladies, I have to tell you that I don’t believe it is true. I am the kind of colorist who believes any woman can have any color she wants. The important part is making sure you choose the right shade.


Shade selection is a really complicated part of hair color. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the color is – if it is the wrong shade, it ruins the entire look. When women come into the salon for a big change, we will have a long discussion about their expectations. I think it is very important talk about time, money, maintenance and the steps required.

I like to use Lindsay Lohan as an example. When she first went blonde, I less than loved it I thought it was too yellow and hard looking. By the time she did the cover of Vanity Fair, it looked amazing. Women need to know that sometimes a color change can be a journey. You may need to wear it for a few days – to see it in your light at home, at the office, in the ladies room of your fave hangout. You will get feedback from girl/boy friends and family, etc. By getting all of this feedback in addition to what you personally like and don’t like about it, you can collect all the factors needed to lead you to the right shade.

With the three women pictured here, you can see they all have very different textures, styles and complexions – but every single one of them looks amazing as a blonde. Do you think you would, too? Is there a part of you who wants to see if blondes really do have more fun???

Are you tempted? LMK – Jason


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