Jasmine Sanders Repeatedly Makes the Case for a Sleek Low Bun

Jasmine Sanders Repeatedly Makes the Case for a Sleek Low Bun
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Model Jasmine Sanders (or, as many people know her, Golden Barbie) is known for making bold and trendy fashion statements. It’s not often that we take a step closer, and examine the details of her beauty look—we’re usually too focused on the big picture. But, today, we’ve got good reason to zoom in.

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To accent her latest ensemble (a pinstripe biker set, which obviously wouldn’t be complete without a Balenciaga fanny pack), Sanders slicked back her golden tresses, and tied them up in a neat, low chignon at the nape of her neck. While the style is usually meant to let other aspects of the look take center stage, we can’t help but gawk at its beauty. Plus, we just realized that she wears this hairstyle on the absolute reg.

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Stay salty 🌊

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Sanders is no amateur—she knows that the value of a sleek hairstyle extends far beyond benefiting the rest of her outfit. It looks super clean, ridiculously professional, and almost too chic for words. But also… it’s easy. Take it from us: a little gel goes a long way.

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To achieve Sanders’ look, start with wet hair. Brush it (gently, please, starting at the ends) straight back from your hairline until it’s tangle-free. Rub some hair gel or mousse between your hands until they’re coated evenly, and swipe them front to back over your scalp to minimize flyaways and baby hairs. Twist the ends into a knot at the nape of your neck, throw on a hair tie and apply bobby pins for extra security if necessary. This baby will stay put all day long.

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V e n i c e 🍃

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Sanders’ Instagram photos prove that this look is extremely versatile. Don’t be afraid to wear it to the office, the beach, the gym or a party! As long as you’re accessorizing accordingly, anything is possible.

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