James Franco Gets Another Job

Lauren LeVine

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Seriously, when does James Franco sleep? And isn’t he slightly worried that we’re all going to get really tired of his constant overachieving? I guess not, because Franco just took on yet another job. He’ll be teaching a course on adapting poetry into short films at one of his six (we think he’s up to six) alma maters: NYU. The class only has room for twelve students, so if you’re lucky enough to be enrolled at the Tisch School at NYU, please, send us videos. The rest of us will just have to settle for seeing his upcoming Broadway revival of Sweet Bird of Youth with Nicole Kidman—because those tickets will be sooo much easier to get. [Vulture]

Everyone on the planet (at least it seems that way) may be waiting with baited breath to see what Kate Middleton will wear to the Royal Wedding on April 29, but the team that designed Princess Diana’s famous gown in 1981 has just revealed that they actually made two dresses for the future princess’ big day. Elizabeth Emmauel of Elizabeth and David Emmanuel designs told People.com that they designed a “spare” dress for Diana in case her real dress, which was kept a tightly-guarded secret, was somehow revealed before the wedding. [People]

When you think Real Housewife of New York City, you probably think of fabulous parties, museum galas and brunches at Bergdorf. Kelly Killoran Bensimon wants to change our perception, apparently, because she tweeted a picture of herself fixing a toilet seat. Seeing as I don’t even fix my own toilet seats (not that they’ve ever required fixing, mind you), I’m going to call BS and say that you, Kelly Bensimon, have never used a screwdriver for anything in your life—except the kind you drink. [Twitter]

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Model Coco Rocha, she of the fabulous wedding dress and life, has launched a website to archive her entire modeling career. The site includes a blog, Rocha’s portfolio, her press clippings, videos of the model and information about her charity. If you want to be incredibly jealous but also look at amazing fashion photos, this is your one-stop shop. [Coca Rocha]

Finally, in the most alarming news of the day, we learned that our beloved Mad Men may not return for another season. Series creator Matt Weiner and AMC were close to reaching a deal that would net Weiner $30 million per episode when the network made a few demands Weiner didn’t like. Not only did they ask him to shorten the episodes by two minutes to allow for more commercials, AMC also demanded that product placement be included in each episode and that *gasp* two actors get axed from the show. They had us up until the two actors thing. Who would Weiner ever cut? Will we ever see Jon Hamm on our televisions again (besides sporadic 30 Rock appearances, of course, but it’s not the same as Don Draper!)? Please, AMC and Matt Weiner, reach a decision! [Deadline Hollywood]

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