This Extreme Makeover Sounds Totally Scary

Wendy Rodewald
Kate Bosworth's mismatched irises are a condition called heterochromia

We happen to think Kate Bosworth’s different colored eyes are pretty striking.
Photo: Getty Images

If you thought gruesome sounding cosmetic procedures like butt injections and leech detoxes were bad, a story in the New York Times today will make you cringe. The article explores the underground market for iris implants, which can be used to change eye color for cosmetic reasons, but aren’t approved for use in most countries since ophthalmologists generally consider the implants a terrible idea. A woman born with two different colored eyes, a condition called heterochromia, paid $7,000 to have the surgery performed in Panama. Two years after the procedure, her vision started to get “spotty” and she had to have the implants removed, though her vision didn’t completely return to normal. One doctor is now working to try to ban the surgery.

From our perspective, we can’t figure out why someone would want to change their eye color in the first place, especially if they had a feature that made them resemble Kate Bosworth. Blue, brown, green, hazel — any iris color can look beautiful, especially if you know how to play up your shade with makeup. Do you agree?

[Questions Surround Iris Implant Procedure — via The New York Times]

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