Instant Makeover: This Gel Smooths Skin On The Go

Shannon Farrell

I’m not the best at keeping up with an exfoliating regimen. Between cleansers, moisturizers and exfoliating acne treatments, there are just too many products to choose from and too little time to figure it all out. However, last week at an editors’ event I found out about an exfoliating gel that’s quick to use and perfect for on-the-go. Beauty problem solved.

Delaney Wellness Exfoliating Gel

Photo: Courtesy of Delaney Wellness

Just like any other exfoliator, you apply Delaney Wellness Exfoliating Gel ($125, using circular motions over the entire face. But unlike other products I’ve tried, this gel liquefies and evaporates after a minute. So you have the option of washing it off…or just waiting and patting it off with a tissue. I personally love the no-water-needed alternative. Not enough time in the morning? No problem — I can do it quickly in the office bathroom.

FYI: Delaney Wellness is a new skincare brand you’ll want to keep an eye on. All of their products use grape extract — an antioxidant that fights aging — derived from their vineyards in Dallas, Texas. So not only is the company American, but all of their ingredients are from U.S. soil.

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