Instant Makeover: A Gorgeous Bronze That Is Totally Temporary

Megan Segura

IM-Article_LoracI’ve already sung the praises of LORAC’s Body Bronzing Oilwhich gives skin a dewy bronze color, but there’s another product in their collection that is changing my summer beauty routine.

The LORAC Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray ($32, is for someone who wants a more serious looking tan. The genius part of the body mist is the applicator puff that comes with it. You simply spray the bronzer onto the puff and then buff the color into your legs and arms. It helps prevents any streaks or uneven color. What I really like about the product is that it washes off. There’s something jarring about a deep bronze first thing in the morning at work, but it’s a welcome addition when heading to late-night drinks.

They make it very simple by offering the product in one shade. If you’re pale, use very little mist. If you’re naturally darker, use more. Again, it’s the buffing pad that gives you complete control over your bronze.

Would you try a tan that washes off at night?


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