Instagram Insta-Glam: Retro Hairdos

Instagram Insta-Glam: Retro Hairdos
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We’re not sure why, but we’ve been noticing a lot of retro-inspired pin-up looks recently. While we’re not usually so polished ourselves, we’re quite charmed by the effort that proponents of the look put into looking perfect each and every day.

For this week’s Instagram Insta-Glam, we decided to bring you some of our favorite retro hair looks. We’ve noticed a lot of curled and pinned bangs, perfectly coiffed updos and tumbling waves – perfect inspiration for the days when you want to look extra polished. Surprisingly, we’re finding ourselves more and more inspired to move away from beachy waves ¬†and pick up our hair brush and blow dryer once again (at least for special occasions!)

So whether you’re a true rockabilly, or whether you’re looking to try a toned down version of a retro style to add some extra grown-up glamour to your beauty look, click through our slideshow to learn how to achieve some of our favorite looks!

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