Instagram Insta-Glam: Orange Pouts

Rachel Adler
Instagram Insta-Glam: Orange Pouts
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We’ve been seeing a lot of orange lips making the rounds on the red carpet lately (the most memorable pout being Jessica Alba’s at last weekend’s Golden Globes) and since we can’t get the look off of our minds, it’s obviously time to simply get so more inspiration. Whether you’re after a glossy orange or a matte stain, this look works on just about any hair color or skin tone, depending on how dark you go with the hue. The bold lip look is a great one to use if you’re a glasses girl, and can be a fun compliment to light eyes.

Take a look at some of our favorite orange lip looks that we spotted on Instagram this week in the slideshow above, and keep in mind that these ladies all went light on the eye makeup!

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Glasses_Fashionista proves that the best makeup pairing for a girl with glasses is a strong, bold lip. 

_milmil_ shows off one of her favorite lusts, orange lipstick and beach hair – we have to say we agree!

Beautifulalien shows off her orange pout and blue eyes. 

Britneybangz shows us how a soft orange shade can work just as well to make a statement.

Carolynclancyy paired her bold orange lip with a blue top to offset her baby blues. 

Iluvtatiana shows off her sensual side with her orange pout. 

Lyssahannah flaunted her matte orange pout with her peter pan collar. 

Nataliemw also proves to us that girls with glasses should start wearing bold orange hues – loving this look. 

Sazontour shows off her matte orange pout and beachy waves. 

Styleshop_site shows off their love for matte, bright orange lips and bleach blonde hair – how much can we say we love this look? 

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