Instagram Insta-Glam: Colored Hair

Instagram Insta-Glam: Colored Hair
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After New York Fashion Week proved that colored hair isn’t going anywhere, we decided to see how Instagram users are wearing the trend and what colors are the most popular. It may not be for everyone or appropriate for all occasions, but we can still envy those who can rock it. From subtle tips to highlights in bright colors, it’s a fun way to change your hair and give it a little attitude. If you want to try the trend without going crazy, try a red or orange hue that isn’t too far off from your natural hair color. Or show off your wild side with multi-colored strands like model Chloe Norgaard during the Nicole Miller Spring 2013 show.

We especially like colored highlights weaved into braids or other hairstyles. Many Instagram users favored pink and blue or dipped ends. Flip through the slideshow for some colored hair envy.

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