I’ve Been Waiting – INOA


Ever since I have been a colorist, I have been listening to women express their issues with hair color. There are a handful of trade-offs women have simply accepted as fact. The tradeoffs I hear most about are that hair color smells bad, that hair color irritates or burns their scalp and that hair color damages their hair. Some complain a little, some complain a lot and some have reactions so severe, they can’t even put permanent hair color on their scalp. All of them however attribute their discomfort to ammonia–the ingredient that has been essential since the invention of today’s permanent hair color. I have been waiting for the day I can tell my guests they no longer need to have trade-offs when they color their hair.

For the last several weeks I have been one of a handful of colorists around the country to be able to preview the new color line from the hair color creators themselves, L’Oreal. It is called INOA. INOA stands for Innovation No Ammonia. That’s right, NO AMMONIA!!! In a nutshell,with INOA you get great gray coverage, up to three levels of lift and NO SCALP IRRITATION!!!

I could seriously go on and on about how amazing this product is. I am sure you will have a million opportunities to hear all about it because Ted Gibson and I spent the entire day yesterday with beauty editors from all the major books–from InStyle and Allure to American Salon and Launchpad Beauty–we even had a private sitting with VOGUE! It was MAJOR!!!!! With this REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY I can’t imagine how the press wouldn’t be all over it.

Enough of what I think – check out these four “real women” who are clients of mine at the Ted Gibson Salon to see what they think of the INOA hair color experience.

Are you intrigued or inspired? LMK .

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