Infused with Passion, “Daphne” Hits Stores in September


London socialite, designer, filmmaker, writer, and now perfumer, Daphne Guinness releases her first fragrance this September. Saffron, incense, and bitter orange dominate the scent that acts also as Guinness’ personal tribute to her life.

Underlying accents include rose centifolia, Tunisian jasmine, tuberose and iris with hints of amber, patchouli, oud and vanilla. The woody ingredients are inspired by the wood floors and mahogany furniture of her childhood home. Another additive, oud, is included sentimentally as well, her mother would bring it home from trips to the Middle East.

Guinness partnered with Comme des Garçons Parfum in 2007 to begin working on the product that will be launched first at Dover Street Market in London on Sept. 4th, and then worldwide Sept. 18. Her initial production run will include 5,000 flacons priced at $140 a 50 ml. spray bottle — a price value that calculates perfume and passion!

“For me, [scent] is time travel. It takes you away from the everyday and you are transported to something in your past,” Guinness told WWD.

“It’s a very mysterious thing. It’s magic.”

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