GET THE LOOK! Editorial Makeup, Hair And Nails From Kaleidoscope Eyes

Rachel Adler

Photo: Shoji Van Kuzumi

For our shoot with some of the most popular and creative fashion bloggers today, our team of beauty stylists worked with the girls and fashion stylist Lori Goldstein to reflect both their personal styles and Lori’s.

101394 1285093858 240x GET THE LOOK! Editorial Makeup, Hair And Nails From Kaleidoscope EyesManicurist Deborah Lippmann began with Shae of Everything Style, and decided she wanted to go against her hair with a dark nail, so she chose Dont Tell Mama which is an iridescent green, almost the color of a mood ring.

On Arielle of Something Navy, Lippmann wanted to play up the DSquared2 jeans she was wearing, which were covered in sequins. She chose a holiday color filled with different sizes and shapes of glitter, called Today is A Fairy Tale. Lippmann also added that layering is one of the new trends in polish, and glitter is a great way to showcase the trend.

101395 1285094234 GET THE LOOK! Editorial Makeup, Hair And Nails From Kaleidoscope EyesFor Kelly of The Glamourai, She fell in love with a color called Ruby Red Slippers, and as you can imagine this was inspired by Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Lippmann said, part of what we were trying to do was let the girls just be girls, and let their personality come out and go with what they love. And finally, for Christina of Trop Rouge, she wore Something Enchanted from Lippmanns jazz-inspired collection, also for holiday.

For the hair, David Von Cannon started with Shae of Everything Style, and drew inspiration from the flowy outfit she was wearing. He chose to make her hair big and backcombed it to give it major volume before curling it. As for Arielle of Something Navy, she had gorgeous, thick and dark hair that was just left to blow every which way. Kelly of The Glamourai had a short pixie haircut, so for the first shot David “kept it very 60s to go with her style,” and then began to mess it up a little as the shoot went on to give her more of a disheveled look. Lastly, Christina of Trop Rouge had amazing texture to her hair so David simply said that he wanted to play up that texture. He curled it a bit, brushed it and embellished the texture to bring out what she already has.

101396 1285094243 240x GET THE LOOK! Editorial Makeup, Hair And Nails From Kaleidoscope EyesAs the girls began to go into makeup, Ralph Siciliano gave Shae of Everything Style a matte red lip to complement her blond hair, leaving her skin clean and flush. He also added a light taupe smoky eye to finish off the look.

With Arielle of Something Navy, Ralph added a lot of individual lashes, layering them along her lash line to make her eyes really pop, and give her a modern Twiggy look. Ralph gave us a great tip for applying fake lashes keep your chin up and look straight at the mirror so that you can see your lash line the entire time.

101397 1285094255 240x GET THE LOOK! Editorial Makeup, Hair And Nails From Kaleidoscope EyesFor Kelly of The Glamourai, Ralph kept her look very fresh and nude, but defined her eyes with a bit of shimmer, making this his favorite look. Using a blend of taupes and charcoals for the lids, he gave Kelly a defined crease. To get this look, again lift your chin up and follow the shadow that falls along your lid. He finished the look with M.A.C. Mad Cap lip glass for a nude lip.

And finally, with Christina of Trop Rouge, Ralph kept her look very natural and light, diluting the concealer for any undereye circles or blemishes with moisturizer. Ralph advises to always start light with concealer and build because less is always more!

Check out our exclusive interview with stylist Lori Goldstein for another behind-the-scenes look at the shoot!

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