Drew Barrymore’s Hairstylist, Byron Williams, Dishes On Getting Celeb-Worthy Locks

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When most of us head to the salon for an adventurous, dare we say style-changing haircut, we often turn to our favorite celebrities to get an idea of which look would suit us best. Even better, of course, is to pay a visit to the actual stylists behind some of the most coveted locks in the entertainment industry think Demi Moore’s straight and shiny strands or Drew Barrymore’s more laid-back, California girl waves.

We spoke with celebrity hairstylist Byron Williams, of the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, to learn a bit about how we can get the celeb-inspired locks we so desire. Read on for his tips below!

StyleCaster: Do you have a favorite stylist chair moment with one of your clients?

Byron: A client of mine loved Drew Barrymores bob and wanted me to recreate it for her. As we were discussing it and what we were going to do, Drew walked into the salon, and my client was so over-the-top happy. She was 20 years old and adored Drew, so Drew came up to her and introduced herself. It was such a great moment and definitely made the girl’s day. It was total coincidence but definitely something I will never forget!
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One of Byron’s sleek products from his famed product line.

What was the inspiration for creating your own hair care line?

My life and my career were headed in that direction, so it came naturally as the right step after opening up the salon. I have always loved products; Im quite the product junkie! So creating a line with natural ingredients was important to me. I worked with ingredients that I loved, and while my friend and I were sitting around one day, we started researching and experimenting with some of my favorite things. Almonds, chamomile and aloe are some of the ingredients that I have used in my product line. Also, my father was always putting chamomile into water and spraying it on his hair to bring out the natural moisture. He had really curly, big hair, and swore by this method for it to retain its luster.

What is unique about it that makes it so appealing to your clients?

It definitely comes down to the ingredients. I wanted natural products, and I think its important to uphold this. I have organic products coming soon, which are also sulfite and sodium free.

You work with Demi Moore, who is known for her amazingly shiny and sleek tresses. How do you achieve a sleek and straight style like hers?

Well, Demi has this radiance to her to begin with. She has an ageless beauty, sometimes it seems as though shes aging backwards, and same goes for her hair. She has a natural luxurious color that just came from her good genes, so she doesnt need lots of products. I blow dry her hair silky straight and then spray some of my illuminating spray on it after, to add a touch of shine. This brings out a healthier and shinier look, which in Demis case looks like onyx!

Another one of your clients is Drew Barrymore, who has gorgeous wavy locks. What is the best way to achieve this natural, tousled look?

She also has amazing hair to begin with, and I’m so thankful for that! Her natural waves have a luscious weight to them, which make any style hold nicely. I suggest applying a little bit of Moroccan cream and illuminating spray to damp hair, and then let the hair dry naturally as it would, then I diffuse it.

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The interior of Byron & Tracey.

Is there a celebrity’s hair that youd like to get your hands on? Why?

Angelina Jolie. She is so beautiful and seems as though she doesnt need a hair or makeup stylist. She naturally has that old Hollywood glamour, so I would like to have fun with that! I would keep the ’50s and ’60s vision that she already captures, but would spin it my own way. She seems like she would be a lot of fun to work with.

Lindsay Lohan (another one of your clients) has changed her hair color numerous times. What do you recommend to a client like this for maintaining the health of color-treated hair?

The process of often changing hair color is harsh on the hair, and it’s really important to take extra good care of it. A great conditioning treatment to use is by Rahua. Its made from organic nut oil and is 100 percent natural and vegan. Also, Moroccan cream is wonderful for color treated hair.

For those of us who color our hair, is it best to color it when it is freshly washed or dirty? And what products do you recommend to maintain our color?

It’s best to color the hair somewhere in the middle between clean and dirty, but it doesnt make too much of a difference. You dont want it to be too clean though as to not stain the scalp. Any products that are sulfite and sodium free I would recommend. Rahua is wonderful, as is Pureology.

Photos courtesy of Byron Williams

Byron Williams is LA’s go-to hairstylist and makeup artist and has been styling an elite clientele that includes celebrities, fashion and beauty insiders and influencers for the past twenty years. Williams expanded his career by creating a targeted hair care line, By Byron, and is now working on a sulfite-free line. He recently collaborated with colorist Tracey Cunningham to open the Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, and currently works with Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, Demi Moore, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and many others.

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