Beauty Banter: How Do I Pick The Right Hair Color For My Skin Tone?


Dear Beauty Banter,
I want to change my hair color, but I want to make sure it will look good
with my skin tone. How can I tell which color to choose?

Rebecca from California

Dear Rebecca,
Understanding your skin tone and eye color is so important because it is the easiest way to choose a tone for your hair. They are also the most important because they should always be considered when choosing a color as your color should complement both your skin and your eyes. Getting a professional consultation is very helpful and simplifies any guessing.

When choosing the right color for your skin, try to avoid going more than two levels away from your natural color. If your eyes are light you can add brightness for dimension. Eye color should be the complementary color/tone in your hair for a more natural effect. Shades of brunette work with warm, olive and dark skin with yellow undertones. Red works well with fair, creamy and light skin tones. Blond hair goes best with green, blue and hazel eyes and fair, pink, creamy and light skin tones.

If you are considering going blond remember that it should be done on dark blond to light blond bases. If you are light brown going blond, you might have to lift your base in order to reach the desired blond. Highlights are always a great option whether done in foils or painting. Painting is a great alternative to traditional foils because it lasts longer and is budget-friendly. The regrowth is not as harsh, so you wait longer in-between visits. Highlights offer great contrast and can complement a haircut very well.

If you are considering going red remember that the best eye colors are blue, green, brown and hazel. Your skin tone should be fair, pale or cool for copper reds and olive, cool, beige or dark tones for cool/violet reds. A good thing to keep in mind is that almost anyone can carry red tones; just remember that the more fair your skin is the more vibrant you can go. If you have an olive or darker complexion, red can be added to your brown formula to add warmth without the true vibrant tones.

If you are looking to go brunette you are in luck because it can work with any eye color and any skin tone. The more fair or light your skin and eye color is, the lighter you should go. Going too dark on light colors will wash you out. Rich golden brunettes look great on olive, medium and dark skin tones. Always keep in mind that you can add tasteful highlights to your brunette base to create contrast. Painting highlights on your brunette base is a great way to add natural-looking highlights without a hard regrowth. The highlights will grow out more naturally without a clear root line. Going for an ombre effect (graduation in color) where you have a dark base and light ends is a great way to brighten up a brunette base all year round.

Miguel Angarita

As one of Mizus youngest colorists to join the team, Miguel Angarita has quickly risen the ranks as one of the salons most talented colorists. After training at Bumble and Bumble for four years as well as training with master colorist Brad Johns for two years, he comes to Mizu with a solid color background and a specialty in multi-dimensional color.


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