In need of a quick fix for dry mouth skin!


I moisturize my face day and night. And I use product that retails at $95.00 so you’d think my skin would be soft as a grape. Well at the current moment I am having a really hard time with dry skin around my mouth.

I know. So attractive. Who wants to date me?

Seriously though this is a problem. The rest of my face is perfectly hydrated! Except the area under my nose and all around my mouth. I apply extra face cream to these regions yet the circle of dry skin continues to taunt me. Oh and did I mention that the dry patches are also really red? It looks like I gave myself some sort of awkward goatee shaped sunburn.

I will be attending a fabulous party this New Year’s Eve and I would prefer not to look like I have a ring of red Kool-Aid around my mouth. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any heavy duty face creams I should be looking into? I’m desperate!

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