I’m Considering Whitening My Teeth For My Wedding. What Do I Need To Know?

Dr. Dennis Gross

Sarah Jessica Parker flashes her pearly whites.
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Teeth whitening has been all the rage in Hollywood for years. With so many home-based whitening kits out there, it’s no wonder so many brides want to try to get the same mega-watt smiles they see on the red carpet. How do you get gorgeous pearly whites like Sarah Jessica Parker for your wedding day? We went straight to SJP’s smile guy, acclaimed aesthetic dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, DMD, PC, and asked him how to get a glowing grin:

“The most important factor to whitening your teeth before any big event is timing. I suggest you give yourself three months prior to the event to go to a top aesthetic dentist and have a smile evaluation. If whitening alone is the process indicated, the starting shade of the tooth will determine the exact regimen for the in-office whitening process coupled with a safe at-home maintenance program. A booster in-office whitening can be done up to five days before the big day. If you and your dentist decide that more advanced procedures would give you maximum effect, the three months gives your dentist time to do some bonding, porcelain veneers or reshaping of the teeth.”

Want to try whitening your teeth at home? For an in-office effect without the appointment, try Dr. Levine’s GoSmile Whitening System. I’s pretty simple–just pop an ampule filled with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and rub it onto your teeth in a circular motion until all the gel disappears. Do this twice a day or a week and you’ll definitely see a difference. You can also head to your local drugstore for the Luster: 1 Hour White kit, which mimics in-office whitening with a professional strength whitening gel and activating light wand that can bring teeth up to six shades whiter with consistent use. For the big day, pack The Whiter Image To Go Whitening Pen in your purse: it has stabilized hydrogen peroxide and is totally portable so it’s great for quick touch-ups.

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jonathan levine headshot Im Considering Whitening My Teeth For My Wedding. What Do I Need To Know?

About This Wedding Expert: Jonathan B. Levine, DMD, PC, is an accomplished aesthetic dentist to the stars. Based on posh Fifth Avenue in New York City, Dr. Levine counts the fashion community, social circuit and Hollywood elite as part of his exclusive clientele, including Christie Brinkley, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mariska Hargitay. He created the revolutionary smile beauty company GoSMILEâ„¢ in 2002 and is recognized all over the world as an authority on cosmetic dental procedures.

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