Get the Look: How Do I Find the Right Foundation?

Rachel Adler

In todays Get the Look video Aura Schwartz, Makeup Artist for COVERGIRL, reveals the secret to finding the right foundation with the help of Americas Next Top Model winner Ann Ward.

The great thing about foundation is that you know its there but nobody else can see it, says Aura. So it’s important to have a shade that matches you perfectly. Take a look at the video to get our tips and let us know what you think in the comments. We love to hear from you and we’ve already incorporated your great ideas and questions into the series.

So far in Get the Look weve shown you how to get your own red carpet look, how to transition your makeup from day to night, how to get a bold lip and how to get a smoky eye with color. And in the coming weeks well give you even more advice on applying foundation, matching your lip and eye shades and hot looks for spring, so stay tuned for more expert beauty advice from COVERGIRL and StyleCaster.

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Featured products:

1. COVERGIRLNatureLuxe Foundation

Step-by-step instructions:

1. In the drugstore aisle find the three shades closest to your skin tone. COVERGIRLs NatureLuxe Foundation shows the color right on the bottle, making it easier to choose.

2. Next, take the foundation, along with a compact mirror near the window. Hold the foundation close to your face and find the one that matches!

3. To check the shade at home, put a dime size amount of foundation inyour palm and, using your finger, swipe it on the side of your cheek.

4. Blend it in all directions until there are no more lines, the color should be seamless with your skin.

5. Always check that the color matches perfectly by looking in a mirror in natural light.

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