The Best Ways to Rock Metallic Makeup

Sable Yong
The Best Ways to Rock Metallic Makeup
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Metallic makeup is a bit of a controversial beauty subject. When applied correctly, it can look so cool…but one wrong turn and it turns into a misama of shiny smudges.

Consider metallics the attention-hungry cousins of the more restrained shimmers; they’re concentrated, bold and demand to be noticed. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be equally as attention-thirsty to sport metallic makeup. It’s surprisingly versatile when you consider its many light-catching and reflecting abilities. Since the “dewy” makeup trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you may as well embrace shine. Here are the best ways to do it.

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Bejewel Your Eyes


An obvious YES for metallic eye makeup. Vibrant colors looks so much more multi-dimensional when done in a metallic finish. You can choose any jewel-toned color–sapphire, ruby, amethyst, gold, emerald and paint all over your eyelid for a bold wash of color. Props for pairing it with an equally bold lip color, but it's not required; this is such an attention-grabbing way to wear metallics that you may not want the rest of your makeup competing with it. A nude or pale pink gloss is the perfect compliment to bold eyes.


Accent With Focus


If you're going for the bold look but appreciate a sense of abstract minimalism, the strike of color on the brow or right underneath looks futuristically cool. With an otherwise bare face, the metallic accent really puts the focus on your eyes and perfectly groomed brows.

Underline And Brighten


Love the whole "who me?" innocent doe-eyed look, but the vibe is a bit too babydoll for you? A silver dash on your waterline and lower lash line will give you that same wide-eyed effect and a little hint of toughness. Draw a stark black liner on top and you've got a perfectly mod look for a night out.

Mix And (Not) Match


If TWO metallic colors at the same time seems overkill, consider the accent color. This ocean green eye looks even greener thanks to the gold accent at the inner corner of the eye. Use a hint of a contrasting color to make the main color pop more in comparison, or do a straight ombre if your blending skills are up to the task.


Gild Your Brows and Lashes


Have you ever decorated your brows the same as your lashes? A dusting of metallic gold over your brows and lashes looks so prettily ethereal; the metallic, rather than glittery finish adds just the right amount of alien to pull off "otherworldly" rather than "raver victim."

Metal Mouth


The frosted lip is a probably a trend many of you are glad to leave in the mid-90s, but a metallic lip can hang out for a little longer. Mind you, metals on your lips look much more "unnatural" than on your eyes so whichever color you choose, you may benefit from a more defined makeup look (ie. graphic liner, mascara, and/or contour) since you're not really fooling anyone with artificially metal lips. That said, you can bold or as subtle, with the same eye-catching effect. A full gold mouth is really daring, but a bold gold stripe on your bottom lip as seen here is also so unexpectedly cool. Try different things out!


Alchemize Your Eyes


This may be a bit bordering on frosted eye makeup, but the difference that makes it metallic is the deliberate placement. A blur of silvery white pigment layered and blended on the center of your eyelid creates dimension, making your eyelid appear more pronounced. Alternatively, using an eye pigment with big flecks of glitter/shimmer group together gives a chrome-like finish.

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