The Trick to Wearing Blue Lipstick, Because We’re Not All as Bold as Rihanna

Shannon Farrell

Rihanna at the launch of Rihanna for River Island SS14
Photo: Getty Images

We’re not saying blue lipstick is the new It color, because honestly, those of us who aren’t Rihanna should probably avoid her blueberry shade. However, blue lipstick does deserve a place in your makeup bag, because there’s a great trick makeup artists use with the shade: For all of those lipsticks that don’t flatter your skin tone perfectly, apply just a dab of the blue on top. Mixing blue with a warm lipstick turns the shade cool. Our favorite is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in RX ($18, because its gloss texture is perfect for mixing with other products.

Have you tried adjusting your lip color with another shade?

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