Tips For Picture-Perfect Eyeliner

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Applying eyeliner can be tricky for even the most adept of us, including Katrina Bowden, and that’s why our friends at BellaSugar turned to celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman for guidance. Brett’s had lots of advice to share with them in recent weeks, from the perfect shades to wear right now to how to pick a daytime blush. Today, it’s all about the eyes — liner, that is. Discover six tips to eyeliner Nirvana.

1. The technique: Brett starts off by softly dotting and smudging eyeliner on the top lash lines from the tear ducts all the way to the outer corners of the eyes. He then goes back over his work to thicken the line.

2. You’re a lush: The trick is to get as close to the lash line as possible. Not only will this make the lashes look more lush, but it will also emphasis what nature gave you. Think thinner near the tear ducts where hair is sparse, thicker in the middle, and thickest of all at the ends. “You want that sweep,” he explains.

3. Your best friend, the smudger: “A lot of women aren’t really blending. There is nothing worse than looking like a greasy crayon,” Brett says. Avoid that look by using a smugger.

4. Break away from the black: “I am a huge fan of a steely-gray or pewter for day or evening,” says Brett, who also recommends something softer than black, like a dark brown or plum. He does love black, however, for nighttime and for smoky looks.

5. Go naked — not: “I think most women show focus on lashes and think less about liner. It has to be worse to do liner and no mascara. It is really about the lashes,” he adds.

And as for those bottom lash lines: “It should never be as dark or as thick as the top,” Brett advises. For the bottom, lightly dab on a small amount for just a touch of definition.


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