How To Turn A Guy On With Your Hairstyle

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You probably know tons of ways to style your hair. But when it’s date night (and we’re talking anywhere from the first date to the hundredth here), you want the perfect hairstyle that makes you feel sexy and confident and drives him wild. We spoke with Susan Rose and Jennifer Heller, the co-founders of, who have been doing high-end matchmaking for eight years, about the three things men really find sexiest about a woman’s hair.


Vanessa Hudgens long, loose waves capture Zac Efron’s attention.
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1. Great smell. “Smell is primal,” Susan says, “Don’t buy products that take over, and make sure the product you put in your hair works for you.” Try a light hairspray (but avoid that ’60s helmet-head look at all costs!), or put a spritz of your perfume in your hair (your follicles hold onto smells for longer than your skin). Be sure not to overdo it, though!

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2. When it’s clean and polished. (Yup, it’s that simple.) “You want your hair to feel accessible,” Jennifer says. “Men say to us, ‘She’s not accessible. She’s got her hair sprayed and done and teased.’” At the other end of the spectrum are women who put too little time into their hairstyle: “The other thing we hear is that ‘It’s not done; she doesn’t care. She didn’t go home and style it. Her hair is greasy from the gym and being in a ponytail.’” Keep your hair shower-fresh and styled, but not overstyled.

3. When your hairstyle expresses who you are. “If you’re trying too hard to be somebody else with your hair, then you’re going to be uncomfortable. He’s going to pick up on that vibe.”

Think of your hair as your frame. It frames your face, and it frames who you are. Let it express who you are and show the most polished version of you, not somebody you’re trying to be. That said, there’s nothing wrong with doing something a little different with your “frame” when you really want to turn him on. So once you’ve got your three basic elements in place, build on those with the expert’s tips.

“Men want women’s hair down. Up tends to signal ‘not accessible.’ Wear it in loose, soft curls (like Marisa Miller and Scarlett Johansson’s hairstyles) framing your face. He wants to think about grabbing your hair – it’s very caveman-esque – and wouldn’t want his hands to get stuck in hairspray or bobby pins.”

To turn your guy on with your hairstyle, make sure you feel good and confident in your hairstyle. If you want to look a little sexier, Jennifer and Susan recommend the following for different hair types: Play up your hair by putting a wave into it – try styles like Diane Kruger and Jennifer Lopez’s. If you have fine hair, tease it a little and make it feel a little bigger than normal like Reese Witherspoon. If you’ve got long, straight hair, keep it down around your face a la Lauren Conrad. Tuck it to the side so it kind of goes over your eyes a little in a good way that makes him notice it, but not so much that you’re constantly moving it out of the way.


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