How To Look Hot Without Tons Of Makeup

Megan McIntyre
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We all want to look sexy without having to use a boatload of makeup–especially on the beach–but the reality is that some of us need a bit more help. Whether you suffer from acne or just the thought of going bare-faced makes you paranoid, wearing a bit of makeup beachside is fine, providing you do it correctly. With that in mind, we asked Avon Global Creative Color Director Jillian Dempsey to share her tips for looking hot without using lots of makeup.

Keep It Simple
The ideal makeup for the beach is sheer, blended and has lots of SPF but just a hint of tint. For skin, I don’t recommend wearing foundation–I prefer a heavy sunblock–but if you feel you need a little help you could get away with a dab of concealer under the eye. Use blotting paper to absorb excess oil and give skin a matte finish. Rather than a loud matte lip, go for a balm or gloss–something that doesn’t require heavy maintenance and a mirror for application. I like something with SPF and a small amount of tint in a more natural color, even no color at all. Try: Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Gloss SPF 15. For the eyes, just use a waterproof mascara.

Wear Light Colors
Stay away from heavy colors and matte texture; they’re distracting, don’t serve any purpose and make you look like you’re wearing a full face of makeup, which isn’t flattering at the beach.

Focus On Trouble Spots
If you have problem skin or you just really feel like you need more coverage, try a tinted moisturizer. Try to get as accurate as possible with matching the shade to your skin tone, really blending it in. The goal is to not give yourself a thick, heavy base because it will be prominent in the bright light. If you’re dealing with something in an isolated area like your chin and don’t need heavy coverage, isolate that one particular area and rather than applying foundation all over, just go in for the kill on that spot and cover it well.

Detract Attention
If you’re trying to detract away from trouble areas of your skin, you could also load on the mascara–it looks pretty and opens your eye so the focus goes there instead of to what you’re trying to conceal.

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