The Right Way To Bronze

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One of the most common questions I hear from women is “When you apply bronzing powder, do you apply all over the face?” This is the number one mistake made when applying bronzer powder. If you apply bronzer over your entire face, I assure you it will leave you with “base face”–not cute!

Instead, try applying bronzing powder where the sun would hit your face naturally. This would be your forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose and chin.

Apply with a fluffy powder brush. Try MAC Powder Brush #150. Dusting bronzer on the face will give you a well-blended look. Bronzing powder also makes for a beautiful contour shade, just under cheekbones, and can be used solely for this purpose. For a contour brush, try Bobbi Brown’s Blush Brush.

There are many different types of bronzing powder products on the market today, so where to start?

  • Identify whether your skin is oily or normal to dry.
  • If your skin is oily, avoid bronzing powder that shimmers and choose a matte formula. Try MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze.

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Makeup artist Victoria Stiles has had a long and exciting career in the beauty world. She started in the industry in 1999, working with MAC cosmetics, where she had the chance to create amazing stage makeup for artists like Cher and Missy Elliott. In 2004 she branched out on her own, creating a reputation for herself as a go-to beauty expert. Her work has appeared in national magazines like Real Simple and Women’s Health. Follow Victoria on Twitter to learn more of her cool tips and tricks.

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